Top 15 Cool Watches for Teenagers (Girls & Boys) in 2019

Who love watches, whether it’s a smartwatch, a designer watch or sports watch? Yes, you do and some teenagers as well.

I'm pretty certain you are looking for a watch that is trendy, functional, and cool as most teens want. We have rounded up some of the best watches in the market today that we think have amazing features and are visually appealing for teenagers like you. Take a look at them below.Watchs for teenagers

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Watches for Teenagers

You may be wondering which watch is suitable for you that you can include in your collection?  I'm fairly sure that you like cool watches with plenty of features, and you also want a cool look. To make certain of the watch you're going to buy, there are some things you need to consider. 

1. Identify the function of the watch that you need. You might want a fitness tracker, but you also want a sports watch or a smartwatch. Likewise, if you want your watch to send notifications, you may opt for a smartwatch; if you only want a stylish watch, then look for a designer watch. Watchs for teenagers2. Take into account the durability of the watch and how it is structured. This can tell you how long the life of your ticker. 

3. Consider the best and other features of the watch, such as water-resistant, stopwatch, activity tracker, quartz movement and many more. Pick the ones that meet your needs. 4. There are watches suitable for girls or boys only. On the other hand, there are ones that are for both genders. Select the one that suits your gender. Once you’ve made the right choice, enjoy your watch and its functionality.

8 Best Watches for Teenage Boys in 2019

1. Apple Watch Series 3

What is more exciting for teenagers, particularly boys is to have this smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3. You will be astonished at its features that can make you always on the crack. Simply glance at your wrist when you have text messages or emails. To crown it all, you can send and receive calls besides updating the time. Indeed, a comfy watch that caters to your needs.

Watchs for teenagers

Also, you will have no problem when you take your Apple watch when you swim or bathe as this watch is water-resistant. Besides, it has fitness tracking, optical heart sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, GPS, Digital Crown, and S3 with a dual-core processor. It comes with 38mm for a smaller wrist and 42mm for a larger wrist. You will love this Apple smartwatch.

2. Casio Resin Sport Watch with Black Band

This Casio sports watch will fit a teenage boy. So, what can you expect from this watch? It has a world timer that can give you the time of 50 major cities in the world. Yes, you are right, it is ideal for traveling, which means you can take it anywhere.

Watchs for teenagers

And what we like about this watch is that it has 10-year battery life. Also, it has a flashy look that can make you look cool all the time. It is also water-resistant up to 100 meters or 330 bases. You can wear it while swimming or snorkeling, but not scuba diving. You can have this sports watch and its good features for barely $20.

3. Garmin Vivoactive 3

This is another sports watch for a sports-minded teenage boy, probably just like you. Besides, it is very comfy and visually appealing. It features a sports track that can give you records and metrics, such as the distance, and pace, among others. If you have sports training in your school or sports center, then this watch is perfect for you.

Watchs for teenagers

Besides, it holds an accurate GPS, phone notification alerts such as texting and calling and a dependable battery life. What is unique about this Garmin watch is that you can link some credit cards and pay bills. One example of a card that you can link is the Wells Fargo ATM card. If you do not like to queue when you pay your billings, then you may choose to use your Garmin watch.

4. Fossil Stainless Steel and Silicone Chronograph Quartz Watch

Do you like a fashionable watch that can fit your lifestyle? Then, this Fossil Stainless Steel watch is ideal for you. It is made from two-tone black plated stainless steel with a blue silicone bracelet that has a deployment-clasp closure. I’m pretty certain it will last for a long time with its material.

Watchs for teenagers

Also, it has a stopwatch functionality, which means it can be started and stopped by just pressing a button. As well, it can gauge the exact duration of a period. You can also use this in swimming or bathing as it is water-resistant up to 165 feet or 50 meters. What we also like about this Fossil watch is that you can swap other straps that can suit your look on any occasion. 

5. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

The Fitbit smartwatch has a decent feature that a teenage boy will surely enjoy. Yes, I’m sure you love to hear music, and you can play music on this watch with your Bluetooth headphones. You can also receive texts and calls from your parents reminding you of things you need to do or simply checking you out.

Watchs for teenagers

As well, you can monitor your heart rate and sleep stages. It can also track your daily activities and access your favorite apps for weather and sports, among others. If you are working out, this watch can record your workouts. You will surely love this watch with its sleek, lightweight, and comfortable design suitable for everyday use and even going to school and the gym.

6. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch

Would you like a cool watch that can help you meet your lifestyle? Well, this LETSCOM watch will answer this question. What we like about this watch is that it’s compatible with the app on smartphones and iPhones. And it is easy to use, particularly the heart rate, all-day activity, and sleep trackers.

Watchs for teenagers

Also, it features various modes, such as soccer mode, walk mode, tennis mode, run mode, and dance mode, among others. And most teenagers will surely appreciate the calls and messages functionality, including connection to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, one charge of your battery can last for 7 days. Cool, isn’t it? 

7. Armitron Sport Digital Chronograph Watch

This is an appealing sports watch that you can buy at a low-price range with useful features. These include the backlit display, stopwatch, calendar, military time, and water-resistant for up to 330 feet.

Watchs for teenagers

Besides, it has a matte black, big resin band that is perfect on your wrist. It is easy to adjust and flexible too. This can be a great buy for just $22.50.

8. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch  

Yes, you can have a smartwatch at an affordable price with this Amazfit Bip Smartwatch, which is ideal for teenage boys. What we like about this watch is that it has a battery life that could run at 85%, even after 4 days.

Watchs for teenagers

And it has all the functionality of a smartwatch, such as phone notifications, activity and sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, with GPS, timer, calendar, and weather. Also, it has a stopwatch functionality and is incorporated with Google Fit. This watch is rated IP68 Dust and can stand up against the water. 

7 Best Watches for Teenage Girls in2019

9. Apple Watch Series 4 - Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

If you want a more convenient smartwatch, then this Apple Watch Series 4 is perfect for you. Probably, it could also be a dream watch of a teenage girl out there. With this watch, you can receive and answer calls or texts whatever you are doing or even driving. But, make sure to be cautious while on the road. 

Watchs for teenagers

In addition, if you are health conscious, the watch can provide you with a heart rate monitor, ECG app, and electrical and optical sensors. It comes with a 50% loudspeaker, with GPS and more than 30% larger display. Besides, it is swim-proof, and you can wear it in any water parks.  I’m pretty certain that this stylish watch with its features is an ideal gift for your daughter or nieces. 

10. Adidas Santiago Watch

A red Adidas Santiago watch is ideal for a sporty teenage girl. If you are in sports training, this signature watch can record your activity accurately. One example of this mode is the Shadow Race Mode where you could view your race record and enable you to exceed your best running time. 

Watchs for teenagers

Besides, the appealing and signature look of this Adidas watch would capture the heart of teenage girls. It also features a Japanese quartz movement and can endure water with 50-meter water resistance. 

11. Nine West Floral Rose Goldtone Watch

This Nine West Watch is beautifully made and perfect as a gift for a teenage girl. It has a 3D printed floral design with a pink strap. Also, it has risen gold-tone markers and hands. 

Watchs for teenagers

This watch features a Japanese-quartz movement and has a case diameter of 38mm. On the other hand, it is not water-resistant. What we like about this watch is that it is visually elegant when worn on the wrist. Also, it is not costly. Certainly, a teenage girl would love it and would like to wear it on any occasions, particularly to parties. 

12. Swatch Women’s GS124 Quartz Rainbow Dial Plastic Watch

Are you looking for a cool watch that you can wear to school? Well, this Swatch watch is what you are looking for. The watch is accented with rainbow colors that make it appealing to look at on your wrist. Most teen girls would be happy to have it. 

Watchs for teenagers

This watch comes with a quartz movement with analog display. Also, it has a circle-tipped baton hands and Arabic hour markers that make it simple and cool. The strap is made of plastic band with buckle closure. Besides, it is water-resistant up to 30 meters but not safe to wear it when you swim. But, I’m pretty certain that it can withstand splashes of water. This watch is perfect for everyday use and is a great match for casual clothes. 

13. XOXO Analog Watch with Silver-Tone Case

Pretty girls would like to wear this pretty XOXO watch, in which they can swap the strap with a color of their choice. It features a silver-tone watch with the shimmering bezel. Also, it is a quartz movement with analog display.

Watchs for teenagers

Probably, you like to have big watches as some teens do. And this watch is perfect as it has a 42 mm metal case. It also comes with rubber band 7 colors with buckle closure. Meanwhile, it is not water-resistant, so be cautious against water splashes. What we also like with this watch is that its strap is flexible and soft, which makes it comfy to wear. I'm pretty sure that this what you are looking for. 

14. Timex Ironman Essential 10 Mid-Size Watch

This Timex Ironman watch is one of the best-sellers in the market today. And most customers who bought this watch were satisfied with its features and its affordable price. Yes, you are right, it is a sports watch. It is suitable for sports training or combat training. Some customers have used this watch in this field and they find it efficient. As well, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters and perfect for snorkeling and swimming. 

Watchs for teenagers

This sports watch features a 10 Lap Memory, an alarm, and a countdown timer. It has a strong resin strap with buckle closure. It also has an Indigo Light-up Watch Dial. It comes in various colors, and you may opt for your favorite one. 

15. Toobur Smart Watch

You will be surprised at this stylish smartwatch with fantastic features with a great price. It is perfect for you and other teenagers, particularly if you like to track your health and fitness. It comes with sleep and all-day activity tracker. 

Watchs for teenagers

Other features include What’s app, phone notifications, such as text message and calls, Messenger, and it’s incorporated with social media, such as Facebook notifications and Twitter. This is a cool watch for cool teenagers out there like you.   

Bottom Line

The watch today is a cool gizmo for you. Besides giving you the correct time, you can also utilize it for other things. All teens scream for watches. Live your instinct and take the watch you are happy with. You will never regret having it!