Watch Size 101: How to Choose the Right Watch for Your Wrist

The size of the watch matters. Do you prefer small, large, or oversized watches? Or do you prefer to have a collection of watches of different sizes? Some men like watches that are big while women choose small watches. Also, some individuals like the bigger size because they are more modern and innovative. Still, you have to choose the watch that fits the size of your wrist.

Watch Size Guideline

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Watch for Your Wrist Size

At that place are several sizes of watches available in the market today. And you have to select the right one that conforms to the size of your wrist. To contribute ideas on this matter, you may take into account information that you must know to select the right watch for your wrist size.

1. Watch Case Sizes

A watch case encloses the part of the watch, which are the dial, movement, battery, and other interior components of the watch. A standard watch case for women is around 26 to 29mm. Likewise, the smaller watches are 23 to 25mm in diameter.

Watch Case Sizes

Meanwhile, the average watch cases for adult males measure 37 to 39mm. On that point are also sports watches that are 40 to 42mm. If you like oversized watches, these measure 45mm to 50mm or above in diameter.

2. The Right Watch Case Sizes for Your Wrist

Typically, if you hold a wrist circumference of roughly 6 to 7 inches that is a medium-sized wrist, you may opt for 42mm, 40mm, and 38mm watch case.

The Right Watch Case Sizes for Your Wrist

On the other hand, a large wrist measures 7.5 inches to 8 inches or above. For this wrist size, you may want to go with a 44mm to 46mm. You may also be looking at 45mm to 50mm or above for those who have bigger wrists or want to choose an oversized watch case.

For those with less than 6-inch wrist size or smaller wrists, you may be looking for watch case with 34mm to 36mm or smaller. Likewise, you may opt for below 34mm diameter for small wrists.

3. How to Measure Your Wrist Size

You probably would like to buy a watch, only you do not know which watch will become you. It is important that you know your wrist size by just evaluating it first. You may follow the steps below.

How to Measure Wrist Size

  • First, lay the palm of your hand face up.
  • Then, unfold your hand to catch the real size of your wrist.
  • Next, take a measuring tape and measure your wrist by snugly wrapping it around your wrist.
  • Determine the size of your wrist in inches or centimeters.

4. How to Measure Watch Case Size

Likewise, you may require measuring the watch case size for a perfect watch fit, follow the following steps:

How to Measure Watch Case Size

  • Take a ruler or a plastic or metal Vernier Caliper. The plastic Caliper will not damage or scratch your Bezel.
  • Lay the ruler over the watch case. Measure the case from side to side or the outer sides. Read the measurement in millimeters. You may also measure the case from 2 o’clock to 10 o’clock, which is more accurate. Be careful not to scratch the case of your watch.
  • For the caliper, put the case between the two clips of the Vernier caliper and take note of the smaller scale. Meanwhile, from where it stops is the measurement in the upper bigger scale.
  • For the square or rectangular watches, gauge the length and the width or the outer sides of the case in millimeters.

Meanwhile, sometimes you do not need to measure the watch case size. Frequently, the manufacturers provide the size of the case, especially if you are purchasing online.

5. How to Determine the Watch Band Size

In one instance, you want to change the strap of your watch; you must know the watch band size. Here are some easy steps to measure it.

How to Determine the Watch Band Size

  • Get a ruler that has centimeter units.
  • Measure the space between your watch lugs using the ruler.
  • Read the measurement in centimeters and convert it in millimeters by moving the decimal from one place to the right. For example, if the space between the lugs is two centimeters, then your strap must be 20 millimeters in width.

To enlighten you more about measuring your wrist, watch case, and band size you may watch the video below:

5 Best smartwatches for Men & Women Big Wrist

To throw you a glance of some watches for bigger wrists, we have rounded up below among the best watches for big wrists.

1. Casio 'G-Shock' Quartz Resin Sport Watch

One of the best-seller watches for the big wrist is the Casio G-Shock Quartz Resin Sport watch. It holds a 48.5 millimeters resin case and a mineral dial window. Yes, if you like an oversized watch, this one is ideal for you.

Casio 'G-Shock' Quartz Resin Sport Watch

Also, it has awesome features; such as water-resistance for up to 200mm. You can use it in water sports and other marine activity. However, it is not appropriate for scuba diving. Other features include shock-resistant, countdown timer, auto calendar, 12/24-hour formats, and daily alarm. Making this watch a dependable watch to own.

2. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm)

Women with big wrists would love this Apple watch with 44mm case. This will surely suit your big wrist. Likewise, it is an amazing smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm)

This watch does not only provide precise time but also perfect for health-conscious people. It takes in an ECG app that can monitor your heart rate and electrical and optical heart sensors. Besides, it has GPS, text, and calls, 50% loudspeaker, swim-proof, and a good deal more.

3. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm) Silver (Bluetooth)

If you have an 8 inches wrist circumference, this Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch will look appealing on your wrist. It can be paired with iOS and Android smartphones through Bluetooth connection.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm) Silver (Bluetooth)

Also, it has built-in health tracking. What we also like with this watch is its fashionable visual aspect. Also, you can use this watch for a long period on a single charge. Its main display size is around 32.9mm with a case of about 13mm thick. Sure, a watch for people on the go constantly.

4. Michael Kors Women's Parker Watch

This watch will indeed look elegant on a big wrist with its 39mm watch case diameter.  It has a gold-tone bracelet with glitz bezel that makes this watch more attractive.

Michael Kors Women's Parker Watch

Also, it features three sub-dials and the date window located between 4 or 5 o’clock. The watch case is constructed of stainless-steel shell, which is solid and lasting. As well, you can wear this watch on any formal social functions. What we also like with this watch is it can bear against water splashes, rainwater, and water-resistant up to 50 meters.

5. Mulco Unisex Swiss Quartz Watch

Are you looking for a modern and trendy watch that can fit your big wrist? Easily, this Mulco watch is what you are seeing for. Its watch case is 47mm in diameter. It features a stainless-steel watch case; a rose gold bezel, white silicone band, white and aqua dial. It is also water-resistant and causes a scratch-resistant mineral crystal.

Mulco Unisex Swiss Quartz Watch

This watch is beautiful, sheer, and heavy perfect for you or as a gift to your loved ones. Pretty sure, the receiver of this watch will be happy and will love wearing this watch always.

5 Best smartwatches for Men & Women Small Wrist

1. Michael Kors Darci Women’s Watch

Michael Kors Darci watch is perfect for little wrists. It brings on a 26mm watch case and would indeed look slim and sleek on your wrist. You will like this if you do not opt for a big watch face.

Michael Kors Darci Women’s Watch

Similarly, this watch has elegant crystals and a three-hand dial. It is of three colors such as gold, silver, and rose gold, which make this watch more attractive. The watch case and the bracelet are made of stainless steel, which is recognized for its strength. Most clients love this watch, and they are happy owning it.

2. Timex Men's Watch with Leather Strap Watch

Men with small wrists will get for this Timex Watch with a black genuine leather strap. The watch case is 35mm in diameter. This ticker is simple in looks yet functional and secure.

Timex Men's Watch with Leather Strap Watch

It is one of the best sellers in the marketplace today. Also, you can easily read the time with its Arabic numbers. The case is also a polished silver-tone that won’t fade easily. It is water-resistant for up to 30 meters. This watch is casual, yet delivers a professional aspect.

3. Casio Women's Sport Watch

If you are looking for a sports watch for your tiny wrist, this Casio sports watch is perfect for you that has a 26mm resin case. The strap is also constructed of resin, which is easy to put on. Besides, it will seem cute and usable on your little wrist.

Timex Men's Watch with Leather Strap Watch

It features a rectangular dial window, blue dial border, alarm, luminous, and calendar function. Also if you are into swimming sports, this watch will not be a problem. You can hold out this watch while swimming.

4. Armitron Sport Women's Digital Chronograph Watch

You will love this trendy watch, which looks appealing on your little wrist. It has a 27mm watch case with a rose gold-tone top ring. Besides, it holds a matte pale pink/beige resin band, LCD, alarm, chronograph, backlight, and dual time.

Armitron Sport Women's Digital Chronograph Watch

This watch is one of the best seller small watches on the market today. What we like with this watch are its fashionable look and functions. Likewise, it is easy to put on. For sure, you will appreciate owning this watch on your little wrist.

5. Swatch Unisex Navy-Blue Watch

This classy Swatch has a 34mm plastic case that fits a small wrist. It holds a Swiss quartz movement with analog display. The case is paired with a textured silicone strap with buckle closure that draws it more attracting.

Swatch Unisex Navy-Blue Watch

Besides, it has a navy-blue color, which seems effortless. You can use this every day is going to school or office. This ticker is also water-resistant up to 30 meters, yet not for swimming.

FAQs about Choosing the Right Watch for Your Wrist

1. How would you tell if the watch is too big for you?

If the watch’s lug width exceeds on your wrist, then this watch is too big for you. Do not opt for this watch as it will be inappropriate on your wrist.

2. Is 36/38mm too small for a men’s watch?

The 36/38mm watch case for men is not too small for them. These sizes are just recommended for men if they prefer watches with smaller faces.

3. What is the top Invicta watch for a bigger wrist?

The Invicta Gold Ion-Plated stainless-steel chronograph watch is one of the best Invicta watches for a heavy wrist. It owns a 49mm watch case that delivers a synthetic dial window. Its band is made from polyurethane.

4. Is wearing a big watch, signifies success and professionalism?

The big watch is not a mark of professionalism and success. The fact is, most people wear big watches because they have large wrists.

5. Is it not good to wear a large or oversized watch?

An oversized watch has a case size of 45mm and above. It is not very bad at all if you wear an oversized watch. Besides, it is the trend nowadays.

6. Why do men prefer big watches?

Big watches are often masculine in looks, sheer, and profound. Men are looking for this type of watch. Also, big watches have more features. Besides, it is a casual trend.

7. Why do women like small watches?

Generally, women have smaller wrists compared to men. Hence, they tend to opt for small watches that can suit their little wrists. Nevertheless, now, you will see women also go for big watches. This is because of style and movement.

8. I have a 7” wrist. What size of the watch is suitable for me?

If you have 7 inches wrist, it is advocated that you choose 38mm/40mm/ or 42mm watch case.

9. Is a 47mm watch case suitable for teen sons?

Teenage boys can wear a 47mm watch case; this is particularly the trend nowadays.

10. Is a 40mm watch case appropriate for a 6-inch wrist woman?

A 40mm watch case is not appropriate for a 6-inch wrist woman. Instead, you may go for 34mm, 36mm, 38mm or smaller.

The Bottom Line

You may be wondering which watch you are going to choose. Take into account the above points in choosing a watch for the size of your wrist, whether big or small. Indeed, a perfect watch that fits your wrist will accommodate you and your lifestyle.