Tissot Vs. Seiko: Which Best-Selling One Is Better for You?

Luxury watches, such as Tissot and Seiko, are not only notable signature watches. They are also fashion statements because of their visually elegant appearance.

Besides, these watches provide accurate time and have many functionalities than other watches. To contribute ideas on these prominent and pioneer watches, we would like to share some information to inform you of the best watch that suits your preference.

Tissot Vs. Seiko:

History of Tissot and Seiko

1. Tissot

Have you seen the watches Angelina Jolie wears in the movies Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Lara Croft Tomb Raider? Yes, you are right. These watches are the classic Tissot, which are manufactured by the Tissot SA, the Swiss luxury watchmaker in Switzerland. This company was established in 1853 by a father and son, Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot. The company has become a subsidiary of the Swatch Group since 1983.

Tissot Watch

The first-timers of Tissot was the pocket watches. They also introduced watches made from stone, plastic, and wood, among others. In 1999, they also introduced T-Touch tech, touch-sensitive using sapphire crystals that managed the thermometer, compass, altimeter, and barometer. They marketed their watches in 160 nations around the world.

2. Seiko

Seiko Holdings Corporation manufactures Seiko, which is a Japanese word that stands for exquisite or success. It is a Japanese company, which was founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori. The company presented its first watches in 1924, and in 1969, they made their first quartz watch, which was priced the same as a medium-sized automobile. Then, it was accompanied by the first quartz chronograph.

Seiko Watch First Quartz

They also made the Grand Seiko (GS), which they thought could match the Swiss watches. It was first released in 1960. And in 1980, they made the first automatic quartz, which is empowered by movement. This was subsequently relaunched in 1991 and named Seiko Kinetic. Today, Seiko is continuously producing quality watches and markets them all around the globe.

Best-Selling of Tissot and Seiko Watches

Tissot and Seiko have many model watches with different characteristics, function, and costs. To keep you updated about these watches, we have rounded up the best-selling phenotypes of the two brands for comparison below. Take a look and determine which one meets your style and preference.


      1. Tissot Swiss Quartz Watch T035.617.16.051.00

      A handsome Tissot timer that has a Swiss Quartz Movement. It is a classic Tissot that has a genuine black leather watch strap with a buckle clasp.

      Tissot Watch

      Although it has a sporty look, it still looks elegant on the wrist. The case is topped with a synthetic sapphire crystal that is a very tough material. It will not break or scratch easily. What we like about this Tissot watch is that it is heavy-duty, shimmers, is comfy on the wrist, and looks very costly.


      1. Case Diameter: 41mm

      2. Case Thickness: 10.95mm

      3. Water-Resistant: 100 Meters

      4. Dial Window Material Type: Sapphire

      5. Dial Color: Black

      6. Band Width: 20 mm

      7. Band Length: Men’s Standard

      8. Special Features: Chronograph, Measure-Seconds, Luminous, Tachymeter


      2. Tissot Women Everytime Small - T1092101103100

      Tissot Women Everytime Small is a pleasantly graceful and nice timepiece. It has around 316L stainless steel case and bracelet that shimmers at night and never fades easily. This watch has an ETA 902.101 quartz movement and a three-hand analog display.

      Tissot Women Watch

      Also, it has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal window, which is also a strong and durable material. This watch is simple yet classy and looks luxurious. It is perfect to wear for any occasion and parties. Simply match it with a gorgeous silvery nightgown.

      Tissot Women Watch


      1. Case Diameter: 30mm

      2. Case Thickness: 6mm

      3. Water-Resistant: 30 Meters

      4. Dial Window Material Type: Sapphire

      5. Dial Color: Silver

      6. Band Width: 15mm

      7. Band Length: Women’s Standard

      8. Special Features:  Measure-Seconds



      1. Seiko Men's Silvertone Black Dial Solar Calendar Watch

      Seiko Men's Silvertone Black Dial Solar Calendar Watch

      This Seiko watch is solid, tough, heavy-duty, and is suitable for men. The watch is empowered by solar power with a sunray dial that has a logo below 12 o’clock, a date window at 3 o’clock and sword-shaped hands. The strap is made of stainless steel with a push-button clasp.

      Seiko Men's Silvertone Black Dial Solar Calendar Watch

      It is the traditional and classic Seiko watch. The watch features a Japanese quartz movement with analog display and a Hardlex dial window that is scratch-resistant. It is usual quality Seiko watch that provides time accurately and never fades as well. Also, it has no moisture and water issues.


      1. Case Diameter: 37mm

      2. Case Thickness: 9.6mm

      3. Water-Resistant: 99 Feet

      4. Dial Window Material Type: Hardlex

      5. Dial Color: Black

      6. Band Width: 19 mm

      7. Band Length: Men’s Standard

      8. Special Features:  Solar

      2. Seiko Women's Ladies Dress Japanese-Quartz Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, (Model: SUP352)

      Seiko Men's Silvertone Black Dial Solar Calendar Watch

      This Seiko watch is a beautiful and lovely timepiece that has a small face, which makes it more feminine. It is powered by light energy. No worries on dead batteries. Its case and band materials are stainless steel with gold-tone color.

      It is suitable for everyday use at home or the office, and you can also use it on formal occasions. It has a Japanese quartz movement. What we like about Seiko watches is that they last for a long time, just like this watch. You may use them for 10 to 15 years. Also, it is easy to adjust. A must-have timer in your watch boxes.

      Seiko Men's Silvertone Black Dial Solar Calendar Watch


      1. Case Diameter: 23.0mm

      2. Case Thickness: 7.0mm

      3. Water-Resistant: 30 meters

      4. Dial Window Material Type: Hardlex

      5. Dial Color: Beige

      6. Band Width: 12mm

      7. Band Length: 8 inches

      8. Special Features:  Solar

      Which one is better for you, Tissot or Seiko?

      Tissot watches are real Swiss made that are fashioned of premium quality materials. These include their dial window that is sapphire crystal glass, which is hard and more scratch-resistant than Seiko’s Hardlex.

      Besides, most Tissot watches have a 28,800 movement, which means they tick 10 times per second; that means the second-hand movement is more consistent than the 21,600 beats per hour movement of Seiko watches. Although Seiko has 28,800 movement watches, they are more expensive. I suggest that Tissot is a better one for you as you can get more for less money.

      FAQs about Tissot Vs. Seiko

      1. What is the most expensive Seiko watch?

      The most expensive timepiece of Seiko is the Grand Seiko, which is known for its simplicity but has an understated elegance. It can cost around $5,280 to $9,548 and above.

       2. What is Seiko 5?

      Seiko 5 is a series of sports watches manufactured by Seiko. The 5 stands for the 5 attributes of Seiko 5, namely water resistance, automatic winding, durable case and bracelet, and recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position.

       3. What is the level of water-resistance of Seiko watches?

      Those Seiko watches with 3 Bar to 20 Bar can withstand accidental splashes and rainwater. Meanwhile, Seiko watches with 5 Bars to 20 Bars are good for swimming, showering, and yachting. The 10 Bar, 15 Bar, and 20 Bar are good for bathing and shallow diving. The diver’s watch 200 meters and the professional watch 1,000 meters can be used for scuba diving. Also, the professional watch 1,000 meters is good for saturation diving.

       4. Is Tissot watch a reliable brand?

      Tissot watches are made from premium quality materials. Besides, the in-house movements that are used by Tissot are guaranteed by the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometers (COSC), which is the authorized institute for testing Swiss chronometers. Indeed, Tissot is accurate and dependable.

       5. Are Tissot watches genuine Swiss made?

      Tissot watches are genuine Swiss made because they meet the requirements for the Swiss-made label. These include utilizing a Swiss movement and being assembled and evaluated in Switzerland.

       6. Are T-Touch watches good models of Tissot?

      T-Touch watches are efficient model watches of Tissot. These are sports watches that have a stopwatch that is suitable for sports training and events. Besides, they have the latest features and patterns.

      The Bottom Line

      Tissot and Seiko are both high-quality and signature watches. These watches have almost the same looks and features. On the other hand, Tissot is made from premium quality materials, which means it’s more luxurious than Seiko.

      Meanwhile, Seiko stands up better than Tissot because of its advanced characteristics. They also differ in price as Seiko has more sensible costs. To top it all, your choice is your taste and trend. Also, it depends on your budget. As an outcome, whichever you choose, Tissot or Seiko, you will certainly experience an effective and long-lasting watch on your wrist.