NATO Watch Strap: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Have you considered using a trendy and iconic watch strap such as the NATO strap? Yes, it is a cool and sturdy band which has its humble origin in the military.  Likewise, it got more famous when Sean Connery and Daniel Craig wore NATO watch straps in the James Bond films and people dubbed it as the “Bond NATO Strap.”

Nylon NATO Strap

Also, this watch strap has been designed with a simple yet appealing appearance, which makes it different from others.

What is the NATO strap?

Firstly, the NATO strap has nothing to do with the NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization. On the other hand, it is also connected to the military, which was sometimes known as the “military NATO strap.” A NATO strap was developed by the British Ministry of Defence for their military troops. The armed forces needed a watch strap that could manage the spring bars, which sustain the watch straps in the correct place.

This can be achieved by having a one length nylon strap that can be wrapped under the case of the watch twice. For these reasons, the NATO watch strap came into existence.  The name NATO came from the NATO Stocking number. And the name “NATO Strap,” also referred to as “G10,” was derived from the abbreviation of a military ordering form called G1098, which is a form that the military troops must fill to get the watch strap.

NATO Strap vs. Zulu Strap

NATO Strap vs. Zulu Strap

The NATO strap and the Zulu strap are similar in appearance, which includes the material, texture, colors, and even sizes. The only difference is the way they are worn on the wrist.

NATO Strap

The NATO strap, which has the traditional military-style, has an added band that slides through the two lugs. In this manner, the NATO strap has two nylon straps that are located under the watch.

On the other hand, you can have one-piece with the “Bond NATO strap.” Also, the NATO straps have squared-off buckles.

Zulu Strap

Meanwhile, the Zulu strap has only one long band that is made of thicker nylon cloth. This strap also has around 3 or 5 buckle rings.

The buckles of the ZULU strap are beefier rounded, compared to the squared-off buckle of the NATO strap.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a NATO Watch Strap

The NATO strap is worth using because of what it can provide. The following are some of the reasons why you should opt for a NATO watch strap.

1. Suitable for any watch type

What we like about NATO straps is that they can fit in any kind of watch. These include ordinary watches to luxurious watches such as Rolex and Apple Watch. These straps complement many and various types of watches.

But, it also depends on the design, colors, and finish of the NATO straps. Likewise, you have to know how to wear the NATO straps properly if you are going to use them on different occasions.

2. Cool and classic in appearance

Yes, James Bond is cool, and so is the NATO watch strap. We all knew that Sean Connery wore a NATO strap in his movie James Bond in Goldfinger, which makes this strap iconic.

Besides, the look of the NATO strap is simple yet classic. Simply choose the right designs that you can use for a certain purpose. It’s so cool that you can use it for any water diving sports or even climbing a rugged mountain.

3. Affordability

Have a classic and stylish band at an affordable price with NATO watch strap. You can have a NATO band for as low as $5 to $20.

There are also NATO bands for Apple watch that costs almost $30, which is still a reasonable price. This band has a width of about 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm.

Indeed, having a watch band that is elegant and less costly is awesome.

4. Durability

The NATO strap that is made of nylon is surely a durable material, which is why it is used in the military. Meanwhile, the NATO leather strap is also durable and will not wear and tear easily. Also, it is highly resistant.

5. Comfort

The NATO band provides comfort, which can be great during hot days. The nylon can wick away the moisture in the skin.

Since the nylon strap is under the watch case, the metal of the watch does not touch the skin. Likewise, it prevents sweating during warm days as the nylon sweeps the moisture out from the skin. Equally easily, it's suitable in rugged places.

Different NATO Strap Colors and Sizes

The NATO watch straps come in assorted colors and sizes. Among the colors available for plain nylon and leather straps are gray, tan, black, brown, blue, green, red, white, pink, yellow, and orange, among others.

Gucci Nato Straps

For the striped nylon straps, there are combinations of black and blue, black and yellow, black and gray, red, green, and black or what they called “Gucci NATO straps,” black, red, and gray and many more.

There are many sizes available too in the market. This depends on the designs of the manufacturers. Among the available sizes are 10 inches, which is the original or the standard length and the long one which is close to 11 inches in length.

The width sizes available for 10 inches are 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm.  The standard length can fit wrists with 5” to 7 ½” in circumference.

Meanwhile, the 11-inch strap can fit wrists with 6” to 8 ½” in circumference. It also has width sizes such as 20 mm, 22 mm, and 24 mm.

How to Attach a NATO Strap

How to install Nato Staps

The way you attach your NATO strap depends on your personal taste; you can choose between a single or double loop.

In the single loop or the single strap thickness, the NATO strap sits lower, which could be sufficient enough to break under a shirt cuff while staying secure.

Meanwhile, the most popular style is the double loop. In this way, you have to fasten the tail before you place the strap on your wrist. Equally well, the watch sits higher and securely.

Also, you may watch the video on how to attach the NATO strap.

5 Best NATO Watch Straps for Apple Watch in 2019

NATO watch straps may look elegant with Apple watches. The following are the best NATO watch straps for Apple watch in 2019.

1. Clockwork Synergy NATO Straps

NATO Straps

The Clockwork Synergy NATO Straps for Apple Watch are of classic and stylish designs. They are made from nylon material, which is known for its durability. Also, they are soft and comfortable on the skin.

They come in various colors and sizes, such as 38 mm/ 44 mm with a thickness of about 1.8 mm. The length is approximately 8.66 inches.

They are adjustable for an easy fit. Also, the strap has three rings. This watch strap certainly looks elegant once worn with Apple watch on your wrist. It is priced at around $29.95.

2. Southern Straps

2.Southern Straps

Southern Straps for Apple watch have various designs and colors that you can choose from. They are crafted by hand in San Francisco, and they are meant to last.

These NATO straps are made beautifully from leather and nylon. They have different designs, including the NATO-style stripes.

Also, there are about 84 combinations. Both the nylon and leather straps have metal hardware, which is thin with a logo on the clasp.

What is fascinating with the Southern Straps is that it is the first company to have NATO straps for Apple watch that could not obscure the heart rate sensor. This attractive NATO strap costs around $45.

3. Carterjett NATO Strap

3.Carterjett NATO Strap

The Carterjett NATO straps are compatible with Apple watch with widths around 42mm/44mm. They are made from durable woven nylon, which is inspired by the military NATO straps.

These straps are suitable for outdoors and sports. They are water-resistant, flexible, soft, and comfortable. You can also choose from various colors, such as black, blue, grey, blue and white, olive, pink, red, tan, red and black, among others.

What we like about these straps is that the gray steel adapters have no screws; instead, they are fastened to the wristbands. The spring bars will not pop out too. Indeed, these straps are tough yet cool!

4. Amberwin NATO Straps

4.Amberwin NATO Straps

Amberwin NATO straps look sturdy and lightweight. They are made from high-quality, soft woven nylon material. Also, it is equipped with premium metal clasp and adapters.

This NATO strap is compatible with iWatch Apple Watch Series 1 to 4, Sport, and Edition, among others. It is easy to connect to your Apple watch too. It is suitable for those with 5.5 inches to 8 inches wrist in circumference.



The VIGOSS NATO band is a premium and nice strap that could make your Apple watch more beautiful and elegant to look at. The strap is made from nylon, which is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Also, it does not have sharp edges and is not scratchy.

The size is 38mm/40mm, and it is compatible with 38mm/40mm Apple Watch Series 1 to 4, Hermes, Sort, Edition, and other models. This NATO strap is very comfortable.

And there are about 11 holes that can be used for adjustment. This makes a perfect fit on your wrist. What we also like with this band is its price that costs $29.90 only. Certainly, an elegant NATO strap for your Apple Watch at an affordable price.

FAQs about NATO Watch Straps

1. Is NATO strap waterproof?

Most of the NATO straps that are made of nylon are waterproof, and they are suitable to use for swimming and diving. However, the color on the nylon strap may fade when you swim in a chlorinated pool.

Meanwhile, the leather NATO straps are not waterproof unless they’re treated with synthetic and coated.

2. How can I care for my nylon NATO strap?

You can maintain your nylon NATO strap by simply washing it with mild soap and warm, clean water. Then, let it air dry.

3. How long does a NATO watch strap last?

It depends on the quality of the NATO strap and how it is used. On the other hand, the typical NATO watch strap may last for 10 years or more.

4. Which watches look beautiful on NATO straps?

Among the watches that look good and are compatible with NATO include sport watches, diving watches, Apple watches, Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster 120, and, of course, the military watches.

5. Is it alright to wear a NATO strap with a suit?

It might depend on how you carry it and the type of NATO strap you are going to use. However, please wear a leather NATO strap with a suit while attending a formal occasion.

The Bottom Line

These premium NATO straps can make your wrist and watch appear exclusive besides having a strange military origin. Although it is designed for military, the NATO strap became popular and has been worn by many people, including average people, watch enthusiasts, and even celebrities. With its innovation and durability, it will certainly make a new fashion statement at these modern times.