Apple Watch Waterproof: The Myth You Must Know Before Taking a Dip

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, has stated before that he wore his Apple watch while showering. It is one of the best smartwatches that you can buy it in 2019. Often, people view the Apple Watch as waterproof because they can endure it while swimming or running in water parks or just sprinkling it with water.

Apple watch bath

However, seriously, how long can it last if it is submerged in water? Read below to see how long an Apple watch can withstand water.

Is Your Apple Watch Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

Basically, what is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant? The fact is these two words are not synonyms. You could learn more from the following video.

Water-resistant in Apple watches means that it can stand and hold up against a rain shower, bath, or simply hand-washing. This implies that it will still work after contact with water to a certain point.

It is a lower degree of water protection than waterproof. On the other hand, in this stage, the water cannot penetrate inside the watch or any device because it is overlaid with a clear substance that helps the watch repel water.

Meanwhile, waterproof level is a permanent condition, in which the device that is waterproofed will never be impacted by water no matter what the condition. This implies that when you say waterproof, then no water can seep into the watch, even though you may have submerged it in water for a long time.

Water-resistant watch

Then, is your Apple Watch waterproof? As Apple company states, the Apple Watch is water-resistant and has a rating of IPX7. Apparently, it is not waterproof. Hence, your Apple watch can be immersed in water to about 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

The good news is you can use your Apple watch when you shower; it can be sprayed with rain or shower water, and swim in the pool or ocean but not for a long time, and it must be in shallow depths. Once it goes down into the watery areas, you can even pick it up fast and recover its composure.

Then, which Apple Watch is waterproof? The fact is, Apple Watch Series 1 is not waterproof, rather water-resistant, and it is the least water-resistant of other Apple watch series. The Apple Watch Series 2, 3, & 4 are all water-resistant, which signifies you can submerge or expose them in water for a little period.

Apple watch waterproof water-resistant

On the other hand, the Apple Watch 3 and 4 can manage higher impacts, which means you can immerse them in water up to 50 meters deep and can take a little longer time. However, to make it safe, you cannot take your Apple watch scuba diving. It is advisable for swimming and snorkeling only in shallow depths.

What Should You Do If Apple Watch Gets Wet with Water or Other Liquids?

Apple watch waterproof

If your Apple Watch has been splashed with water or other liquids or fallen into the water, you need to wipe your Apple watch right away with a nonabrasive and lint-free material.

Then, clean and dry it immediately. Don’t use heat or any spray in drying your Apple watch. And do not shake your Apple Watch to disperse the water. Meanwhile, you may charge your watch overnight for quick evaporation.

Some other good news is that the Apple Watch Series 2, 3, & 4 have a water protection device called Water Lock. It will automatically lock the screen of your Apple Watch to prevent any accidental taps once your watch is exposed to water.

If you are swimming, then you can turn the Digital Crown to remove the water in your Apple Watch and the speaker and unlock your screen as well.


7 Tips to Get Your Apple Watch More Waterproof?

1. Do not expose your Apple Watch to soapy water or soap while bathing or showering.
2. Avoid using your Apple Watch in the steam room or sauna.
3. Take extra caution when wearing your Apple watch.
4. Avoid dropping your Apple Watch, particularly in wet or watery areas.
5. Do not expose your Apple Watch to acids, lotions, perfume, oil, detergents, and other liquids that may damage your watch.
6. Do not expose your Apple Watch to some water activities such as scuba diving or even water skiing.
7. Finally, Use a genuine waterproof Apple Watch case such as the image below that can fully protect your Apple Watch. It can secure against water damage, shocks, and even drops. Most of these waterproof cases below have been examined to 330 feet deep in water and found to protect your Apple watch well.

apple watch waterproof swiming bandget

FAQs about Apple Watch Waterproof

1. How to remove the water from Apple Watch manually?

Simply lift the bottom of the watch face to view the Control center, then tap the Water Lock. Once done, rotate the Digital Crown to disperse the water in the speaker and unlock the screen.

2. Can you wear Apple Watch Series 1 in the shower?

Apple Watch Series 1 must not be used in the shower. On the other hand, it can be worn during exercise and in the rain. You can use it too while washing your hands.

3. Can you wear Apple Watch Series 2,3, & 4 in the shower?

Yes, you can wear the Apple Watch Series 2, 3, & 4 in the shower. But, as mentioned above, do not expose them to shampoos, soaps, perfumes, and lotions, among others.

4. Is Apple Watch swimming proof?

Yes, you can submerge your Apple Watch Series 2, 3, & 4 in the swimming pool or ocean. Simply, it is not recommended for Apple Watch Series 1.

5. Why is the Apple Watch not waterproof?

The Apple Watch has a water protection rating of IPX7, which means you can immerse the watch in 1 meter deep of water for 30 minutes. Apple is not able to fetch a higher rating that they could not stick to. Likely, they do not want to release watches that are waterproof that could not fulfill this function. Also, some technical devices may be lacking to make the watch waterproof at this time.

The Bottom Line

Most electronic devices are not waterproof like the Apple Watch. However, they are water-resistant. Nevertheless, you can expose them to water but not for a long time.

Essentially, you do not want to risk your Apple watch and submerge it in water. In one case, if there are accidental circumstances in watery areas your Apple Watch can still exist. I’m pretty certain you can, however, use your Apple Watch in your shower or in water parks.